Why Accountants should use a pre insolvency service

An open letter to accountancy firms in England and Wales.

“We are not saying don’t use the Insolvency Practitioner that your firm has a long relationship with. Think of us as a pre insolvency service. Our job is to protect the client and the business. Our perspective is different to the IP.They must give fair and impartial advice to all concerned with the Limited Company (i.e. suppliers,HMRC and financial institutions as well as directors and shareholders). We focus on the client. They can benefit from the two decades of experience that we have gained in this area.  Then, if it is necessary, the client is your client to take to the IP of your choice. There is no downside to using us as we will be working with you, only an upside to you in the gratitude you will receive  from your client.”

Mark Smillie, Ringrose & Co

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