Business facing cashflow problems? Then spread some joy and and enjoy 2012

Facing tough times out there.

Here is what not to do.

Spread doom and gloom to all you see.

Your staff see you worry and they worry – your family see you worry and they worry-you worry more-your clients see you worry – and they run a mile – your customers who owe you money will probably make sure you are last to be paid, just in case you go into insolvency.

Here is what to do.

Read the previous blog’s and then smile.

Tell your staff how much you value them, offer them a small incentive to do their job better – ring, speak see your top 20% of clients,wish them well, be positive and sincere and let them know in 2012 you are not going to be cutting prices but giving an even higher standard of service and quality, give them your mobile number and tell them to call you personally if they need anything special done and you will make it happen, anything at all within your industry or trade you will source supply make or create.

An unexpected gift, given with a smile and a good heart creates enormous good will. A cinema pass given to your clients or staff, spreads happiness, whether they use it to take their family out or give it to their children or grandchildren, it is a day out with good thoughts to you, remembered by your client and his family.

Positive thinking and goodwill can change everything.

As always, if you have any questions – just ask.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Nicky Larkin December 23, 2011 at 8:21 am #

    Excellet advice as always. Postivity is very important, as long as the root causes are being addressed at the same time.

    We tend to opt for cupcakes or flowers as gifts rather than the cinema tickets, always welcome by clients.

    Goringe Accountants Reading

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