Should we put up our prices?

If you broke even last year or earned a marginal profit, that might not be good enough this year, besides you are in business to make money not just to keep your staff employed and earn next to nothing yourself.If things are that marginal one bad debt could finish the business or put you on a downward spiral into liquidation or putting money into the business to support it(Tip, never ever put money into your business without taking advice first, there is a right way and a wrong way of putting in money, please call us first).
Try not to follow the herd and position yourself in the quality end of goods/service and offer aftercare(if applicable) or a Guarantee and a dedicated help line,we can tailor make a big difference to your business.Customers/clients do go for quality otherwise we would all be wearing cheap clothes, not going to very expensive coffee shops ( that charge 2-3 times what the local cafe charges) and all the automobile manufacturers would be just selling basic models.Why not book a free Ringrose Monday or Boardroom Friday one to one meeting and become a leader in your turnover bracket and market sector.

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