A Winding Up Petition, can lead to disaster!

We are being threatened with a Winding Up Petition, what should we do?
Is a commonly asked question;
In short it is absolutely essential you seek immediate advice before you do anything, including paying or making a payment plan.
You are very welcome to call us, we will not under any circumstances charge you a fee to discuss this with you, but you really must take advice on this immediately.
For the following reasons.
1) If the Petition is advertised, which is prior to the Hearing date.
The Bank will almost certainly freeze your bank account.
2) Other Creditors of yours could join the petition, making it very difficult to deal with, without proper advice.
Please bear this in mind, what might appear to be a very difficult problem, has many solutions to a seasoned professional who has been through this hundreds of times.
The “Golden Rule” to avoiding insolvency or saving your business and income, is to have a plan for going forward that passes the common sense test.
If you wish to have a free confidential one to one business meeting, please call us.

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