Take advice before putting money into your Company!

One of the most common mistakes Company Directors make is to put money in their business, without taking advice first. It can be easily done with the very best of intentions. Trading might be tough an unexpected issue could have arisen, through a bad debt or cancelled order or just plain old fashioned cash flow issues.

Do not put any money particularly personal, family or related party money into the Business without taking advice first, this is absolutely crucial, proper planning can avoid serious Preference Issues Later.

Please take specialist advice first about this, you are welcome to call us and discuss this without charge, by taking advice first could save you huge problems later and also put you in a position of great strength.

The alternative is just  putting in money in and then re paying yourself back, if at a later date the Company has severe problems which leads to liquidation. You could then be told to repay the money back into the Company as you preferred yourself to the other creditors (which might put your family home at risk).

If your company has any financial issues or you are seeking finance, call us, we do not charge upfront fees.


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