Business Cashflow Issues – A 5 point plan

If your business is experiencing cash flow issues.


  • Spend all your time trying to solve it-It is not your field of excellence and what will happen to the business, whilst you are doing this?
  • Think if you can’t solve the problem know own else can. What might appear to be an impossible situation is an everyday occurrence with a solution to a seasoned professional.
  • Think, we have cash flow problems, how can we afford to get someone in? If the specialist you get in cannot find a way to pay their fees and dramatically improve the situation, send them away.
  • Do nothing if you do, you will always, be on the back foot reacting to problems and will lose your credibility and probably your income and business.


  • Get help and make a plan that will ensure your core business will survive and your income continues. You need a specialist in this particular area. Their plan should be easy to understand, be legal and pass the common sense test. If it fails any part of this or you have any instinct or gut feeling it is wrong, send them away and see someone else.

You are welcome to call Mark Smillie and discuss any business issue you might have, there is no charge for this.

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