How to cut your business costs easily!


Whether you turnover £100k or £100m plus, most companies waste a huge amount of money. Why you might ask? The simple answer is through lethargy for smaller companies, “I will get round to that later”.

For larger companies and PLC’s, in many cases, the real reason why savings are not made, is simply because the Financial Director, feels it would be embarrassing if suddenly large savings were made out of their department, because they are afraid of someone saying, why did we not do this earlier? Sounds crazy but it’s true, you cannot approach the MD or Chairman because you need to speak to the FD, who says “We have these areas fully covered”

Just do the maths now, typically between 3 and 10% of your costs can be saved.

Please work out how much 5% cost reduction in your business is? Is there anything you can do with this money?

How might you ask? Well there are many ways dependant on the size of company and market sector. I know 90% of Company Directors will be thinking well that will not apply to my business, because the majority of companies follow the herd. However, for the other 10% of you, here is Our Challenge and Guarantee.

Having been involved with well over a 1000 companies and being able to call on some of the best specialist’s available. This is our offer to you,  let us spend 1 day taking a look at your company, and we will identify what we can do, if we find nothing it is our loss of time, travel, expenses and manpower, it has never happened yet.

Why not act now and improve your profits, we do not charge up front fees and if we do not add value we do not deserve to be paid.

Call Mark Smillie on 0800 612 5364 or 07710 466166

“The ability to concentrate and to use your time well is everything” Lee Iacocca

Why not use your time well and pick up the phone and save money?



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