Part 2 – 2 Hours a week can transform your business!

ClocksIn your first step to increasing the performance of your company taking it into the top 5% of similar sized companies in your market sector.

Clear a permanent two hours a week from your diary at the same time and same day each week for the next two months. Allow quality thinking time in preparation during the week for this two hour slot.

Step one; put yourself in the position of a buyer, entrepreneur and financial investor in your own company.

As you come to the entrance, what is your first impression, does it look like a leader in its field, someone you would wish to do business with?

Your entrance in to the building, showroom or reception and your initial greeting does this reflect what you would wish.

Upon seeing the staff and management you meet are they enthusiastic, motivated and give an impression of passion and pride in their work. Is there a common bond and team spirit, do they socialise, play sport or have a Charity that the company and staff actively support.

What goals and targets have been set for every person in a role in the management? How are these targets in comparison to last year’s targets, or is it just more of the same, with everyone doing what they think they should be doing and dealing with problems when they come up. Have you personally reviewed every department’s performance and is it measurably being regularly checked?

If the answer is negative on any of the above points, then serious consideration must be given on how you can start to change this. A potential customer or client can normally be persuaded to pay more or give more concessions including loyalty to a company that care passionately about the quality of service and product they are offering. Are they dealing with a winner, where they enjoy dealing with the company or are they just dealing with price and supply or delivery?

The top 5% of companies do really care about their quality and are passionate about their standard of service and this is reflected throughout the management and staff this is the first priority and by doing this they will make a good profit. Whereas the company that is just trying to make as much money as possible will invariable fail, if they don’t care why should anyone else?

There are exceptions to this, but long term they will suffer if the right competition comes along.

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