The Ringrose comparison guide to Business Cash Advances and Single Invoice Discounting


Firstly Business Cash Advances

For virtually any type of Company including Construction

How much is available?

Up to 60% of your Monthly Turnover or a 100% of your Monthly Turnover on Credit Card Sales

What are Business Cash Advances?

A quick way to access funds

For a period typically between 3-12 months

We can normally give an answer within 2 hours of receiving the relevant information and have provided funding within 24 hours.

What can business cash advances be used for?

In truth, just about anything

To finance a short term business deal or transaction

Paying bills to boost cash flow

Purchase of assets or stock, or even for a down payment on a commercial Finance deal we have sourced for you.

Single Invoice Finance/Client or raising funds from your Invoices

Raising money from what you are owed, has never had so many options, as there are now.

Single Invoice Finance Is now quick and easy to set up, typically 1-3 days or do why not factor your slow paying clients.

80-90% of the Invoice value can be made available, with the rest paid when the client pays the invoice less costs. Credit Insurance can also be arranged on the invoice.

An Old Fashioned Overdraft Facility

This would be where you collect in your own debts as normal, the size of the facility can be determined by your book debts and any other assets you may have, including property. A Tailor Made Factoring or Confidential Invoice Discounting Arrangement

Here you have the choice of collecting in your own debts or the Finance Company doing this for you. Nothing unusual you might say?

But the combination is now up to you. You choose what debts or percentage of debts that you wish to arrange a facility on. Or if you have a full Factoring facility on all your debts but wish to collect a particular customers debts yourself, this can be done.

Why use a Broker?

One of the key reasons that companies have financial issues is because expert Independent Advice was not taken before signing with a Finance Company.We can normally put the above in place within a week and have in fact put a full facility in place in 24 hours.

We look at the type of Business you are, your turnover and expected turnover, your client base and we listen very carefully to what your requirements are. There are well over a 150 different Finance Companies. An inside knowledge of the Market will make a positive impact on your Business.

The number one problem that arises is when a company has a special request and this happens quite frequently, they go to their account manager and not the salesperson they met. The normal scenario is they make their request and if that does not fit in the box the answer is no, there is little or no flexibility, the company is then left to deal with the situation.

However, if we were involved we would have gone to a Finance Company that already had a high number of clients in there sector and they truly understood the nature of the business, there turnover matched their average client base and we were comfortable that if you made a request and it “Passed the Common Sense Test” you could expect a favourable answer.

Take action today.

Call Mark Smillie for a free and confidential discussion about your specific situation and allow us to advise you on the solutions available. 07710 466166 out of hours

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