What Factoring Companies Don’t want you to know

What Factoring Companies Don’t want you to know

Few people realise that there are alternatives to the Big Banks and Finance Houses and think all Factoring Companies are similar, nothing could be further from the truth now.


You can now create your ideal business funding solution.

We have been helping clients for over 25 years, to discuss this further, please pick up the phone and call Mark Smillie 0800 612 5364, I promise you we really can arrange Business Finance exactly the way you want it

The Banks and large Finance Companies tend to be one size fits all, and good salesman who you don’t speak to again and no access to a decision maker, when you really need it.

Clients complain of….

  • Debtor Concentration Limits, we can arrange for no debtor concentration limits?With a suitable Debtor we can arrange 100% coverage
  • Some of your clients need special treatment, we can arrange, for you to collect these debts
  • You don’t like the idea of passing over the entire debtor book. We can arrange for you to pass across what you wish to. Or just to have a facility like an overdraft
  • The advance on invoices is not enough. Well with additional security, in any form, we can lend substantially over the value of the invoices
  • Clients complain they are paying too much. We can get you a better quote.
  • What sometimes looks cheap to start is not

What we can do….
We give you access to a decision maker, really vital for anything but a completely standard business.

We make sure the Finance Company really knows and wants your type of business.This is where Ringrose can really help, if you currently factor, why not call us and tell us, what would be ideal for your company

Call Mark Smillie for a friendly and confidential chat about the options open to you

To discuss any Finance or Business Issue please call 0800612 5364, we never charge upfront fees.


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