Property development finance facilities are changing

Property development finance facilities are changing

If you are a Property Developer or in the Construction Business ( or just need a short term loan, to complete a project) we have lenders who are not charging any fees for early repayment.

Cheap London money previously only there now available through Eng,Wales and Scotland

Deposit requirements lowering to as little as 10% of total costs

Longer facility terms up to 36 months = less worries with defaults

Relaxing views on 2008 bankruptcy issues – don’t think you can’t get the best funding available – you can

100% funding is available on a JV basis up to 50-50 profit share

Better decisions being made at pre-approval stage, less  chances of last minute rejections

At least 30% of funders do not actively advertise

Having done a 6 month review of all partners we can help you get in front of all the right options

Why not call me, for a friendly and confidential chat about the options open to you

Very best wishes and I look forward to listening to your requirements.


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