A Bank that gets deals done, yes really they do exist


I was having a coffee and a bacon sandwich last Friday with a Regional Manager of a Bank and his genuine enthusiasm, rubbed off on me.

I will mention just two recent cases and how they deal with their clients, which was so refreshing. He was telling me of one of their clients who had been given a large order for this Christmas; he rang his account manager and asked for an increase in his overdraft from £500k to £750k

Here is the punch line, proving it can still happen. It was agreed over that same phone call; yes I promise you it is true, there is a Bank still operating this way.

Surprisingly enough, their client retention is about as high as it gets .Another example that was mentioned over the bacon sandwich was a company that regularly showed profits but had been hit badly by a key client going elsewhere.

Their long standing bank could not give them the financial support they needed due to the current loss of business and the company showing a loss.

A Government loan, the Bank arranged, was put in place and immediate finance was provided.

In short if you have a well run business, with a plan for going forward and seek a bank that runs on old fashioned principles and customer service then pick up the phone and let’s have a chat.

This is a non high street Bank and their guiding question is: Does the request make sense and does the management know what they are doing.

You are very welcome to call me over the holiday period on 07710 466166.

Wishing you health and a prosperous 2016

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