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Cashflow Problems

One of our most commonly asked questions is; We know our business, we have tried everything what can you do? Well we know our business very well too, we have dealt with well over a 1000 companies, many of which have said the same thing. One phone call to us will start to put your […]

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Should we put up our prices?

If you broke even last year or earned a marginal profit, that might not be good enough this year, besides you are in business to make money not just to keep your staff employed and earn next to nothing yourself.If things are that marginal one bad debt could finish the business or put you on […]

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Whatever you do don’t do this!

When times are tough, you can be very tempted to put in new money from yourself or family and friends, this might be for payroll commitments or to give you breathing space until more money comes into the business. There is a “Golden Rule” you must take advice first, before you put any new money […]

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