We saved a dying Business

I never could understand it. When someone’s child wakes up in the middle of the night with a high fever… glassy eyes… covered in sweat… and fighting for breath. Parents don’t delay for even one minute. They go into survival mode and rush their child to Accident and Emergency into the hands of experts that […]

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Mark’s Latest Guide to HMRC Problems

“In 2012 HMRC used its powers of Distraint over 4500 times to seize the assets of businesses an increase of over 95% on the previous year” In 2013 HMRC spent £14.8 MILLION on External Debt Collectors Don’t put your Company in this embarrassing and dangerous position. Step 1 If you have or know you are […]

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HMRC or VAT Pressing? – Three steps to Sanity.

Don’t let them take control Don’t let them take charge — They Can be all Powerful. If you break an arrangement or simply don’t pay! HMRC will not just go away, they can send in the bailiffs to distrain or take away your company assets. Or simply Petition to Wind up the Company, if the […]

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