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Your Questions on Emergency Funding Answered !!

What is Emergency Funding and when is it used? Typically in these situations; When your Bank or Finance house want to call in their facility A Winding up Petition is about to be advertised. Which normally means the Bank will freeze the account. An Insolvency Practitioner is about to be appointed. Why would funds be […]

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Part Four – 2 hours a week can transform your business!

Avoiding Insolvency Part 4 In part three we spoke about, the Directors and in particular the Managing Director, phoning direct to their customers on the 80/20 rule, being 80% of your business comes from 20% of your clients and the power of asking questions. Due to being sidelined recently with torn muscles in my back, I have […]

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How to cut your business costs easily!

  Whether you turnover £100k or £100m plus, most companies waste a huge amount of money. Why you might ask? The simple answer is through lethargy for smaller companies, “I will get round to that later”. For larger companies and PLC’s, in many cases, the real reason why savings are not made, is simply because […]

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