This FAQ page is intended to anticipate typical questions and provide a simple explanation and point you to more in depth help.

We encourage you to e-mail Mark or call him if the answer you need is not covered.

What types of Business Finance do you handle?

In short virtually everything apart from personal finance

This covers a range of Financial packages –Factoring, Disclosed and Un Disclosed. * Confidential Invoice Discounting * Finance Overseas & Domestic Purchase & Order Finance.*Balance Sheet Lending * Asset Based Lending, normally on invoices, property, plant and machinery and stock. As you can see this covers a wide range of types of finance.

We are very strong on supplying Emergency Finance and Finance for Company Re structure.

Finance for Construction Companies we really excel at and any type of Asset or Invoice Finance.

Recruitment Companies we specialise in tailor making a Finance Package, which suits your business. We challenge your present company to offer a better deal

The more difficult the case the better, it is our challenge and we never charge an upfront fee

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Our most frequently asked question?


If the client or company has deep financial problems, how can they pay your fees?”


Let this be our problem, we do this seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. If we cannot free up money and come up with an acceptable way forward we do not deserve to be paid.


We never fall out with clients over fees, fees are pre-agreed and you can only pay what you can afford to pay.


Our Company has extreme cashflow issues, how can you really help?


This is where you need help now, it can be very lonely when you are under enormous pressure.

We are well aware of the problems you face, from lack of sleep to total worry, you need someone on your side who can truly help.

This is an area that holds no fear to us; we would look very quickly at the current financial position and the “Real Core Business” and would look to put you the Company Director in the strongest possible position.

Although you might believe there is no way out, pick up the phone and talk to us, you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

We never charge upfront fees

What are the benefits surely you will cost me more money? Why should I use you?

There are three main reasons.

You will not secure a better deal by going direct to a finance house. In fact you will probably pay more and get an unsuitable deal. We deal day in day out and we know who gives the best value and is suited to your business. Our help is independent.

We have a 90% acceptance rate for PDQ and Online sales advances. We also can approach a finance house with an outline proposal that does not leave a Financial footprint with Credit Agencies.

We keep all your options open other channels have fixed arrangements with finance houses. We also do not charge fees upfront and if we don’t improve your financial position -you pay nothing. Basically you cannot be worse off by picking up the phone and calling us.

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Ringrose – Impartial – Independent – Confidential – Reassuring

To discuss this further, please pick up the phone

and call Mark Smillie 0800 612 5364, out of hours 07710 466166

Or email us at – info@ringroseandco.co.uk

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