Our fees

It is important to us that from the beginning we are transparent to clients about our fees. We will only charge a fee when we have the prior agreement of the company that we are advising. In all other cases there are no up front fees. Our first objective is to understand the issues and find out if we can add value to your situation.

We allocate sufficient funds from our fees to sponsor our free Business rescue help line, which enables us to provide the best impartial advice we can, either over the phone or in person at no cost to you. We can also provide a free Guide to Insolvency.

Our fees are value based and not done on an hourly basis; we are very clear on what can be achieved and we will spend whatever time is necessary to complete our task.

Our guarantee to you is really simple

“If we do not improve your cash position or viability –no fee is due”.

It’s as straight forward as that and you have my word on that.

Mark Smillie

A question that we are often asked is:

“If we are going through financial difficulties, how can we afford your fees?”

Let this be our concern. This is our area of expertise and in many circumstances what might appear an impossible situation is an everyday issue to us, with a solution.

How you can test us!

“You can only pay what you can afford, if we cannot make available the funds to pay our fees, we do not deserve to be paid”

Ringrose – Impartial – Independent – Confidential – Reassuring

To discuss this further, please pick up the phone

 and call Mark Smillie 0800 612 5364, out of hours 07710 466166

Or email us at – info@ringroseandco.co.uk

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