Business Finance: 84% Success Rate

Finance Brokers get cheaper rates than you get by applying direct​. 70% of businesses that go direct to a finance company are turned down.

Apply with us and be part of our 84% success rate.


Mark Smillie, Business Finance Expert

My name is Mark Smillie.


I have been helping companies find Business Finance for the best part of 30 years. My number one priority is to make things as easy as possible for you, the client.

I pride myself on my experience as a broker and I can take all your details and needs and get 84% of applications accepted. You don’t want to trawl through finance companies leaving footprints on your credit and affecting it trying everywhere and being turned down. You apply for ad after ad and they say yes in principle but then the underwriters turn you down. Don’t throw financial darts and miss your target, you need to know where to aim.​ 

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Your questions answered on Short Term Finance (available within 24 hours) or any type of Business Finance...


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We provide a comprehensive variety of business finance solutions. In the old days you went to the Bank, but Bank's aren't really interested in businesses with a turnover under £20-50m (depending on business sector). With over a 100 finance companies to choose from, we can take the client to the right one and it's possible to say yes to most requests.


We know how a proposal should be packaged for that particular finance company. We can speak to a decision maker and explain any past issues that may cause a problem in Underwriting at the last moment.

Business Loans

All credit ratings catered for...

Construction Finance and Property Loans

Invoice Discounting

HMRC Issues & VAT Finance

We can help...

Book Debt Financing

Pub, Hotel & Restaurant Finance

Why You Should Use A Finance Broker

We deal direct with decision makers not salesmen.

They will not talk to you…

3 Things To Do To Raise Finance Sucessfully

1) Find the right Finance Company, with over 100 to choose from, it can be very difficult finding the right one...



If your debts are collectable we can provide business finance even with severe adverse credit.

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