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Hi, my name is Mark Smillie. I have been helping Companies find finance for over 30 years.

My number one priority is to make things as easy as possible for my clients.


With well over 100 finance companies for us to choose from, it is possible to say yes to most requests. That said, the biggest myth out there is that all finance companies are the same. Believe me when I say that this is truly not the case.

Some finance companies have no issue if you as the director do not want to give a personal guarantee, while others would not sign you in this case. Others are business sector driven and positively welcome any business within the construction or building industry.

Here are just some of the different types of business finance that I can help you acquire quickly and easily.

  • ​Crowdfunding or balance sheet finance (1 to 5 years)

  • Business cash advances (3 to 12 months)

  • A new loan facility to use when you wish (3 to 12 months)

  • Easy business loans secured on your book debts – No personal guarantee required

  • Factoring & Invoice Finance

  • Trade finance

  • Crowdfunding or Balance Sheet Finance (1 to 5 years)

70% of businesses that go direct to a Finance Company are turned down


70% who go through finance brokers are accepted

The marketing departments of these finance companies do everything that they can to attract businesses. The truth is, finance companies are all different.

A business will be offered finance at one company but not at another. Some might offer much better rates than others. The key here is to apply to the right finance company the first time.

How can you know which finance company to apply to?

As a business owner, how would you know how to fill out an application form in the best possible way to get the best interest rate? We have the skills and experience to help you navigate this system. We can also talk direct to the decision makers and help you to sort out any special circumstances – could you do that by going direct?

About once a week we are told, “well, I did apply to this Company but we were unexpectedly turned down at the very last moment.”


I am left thinking, ‘they went to the right Company, but their application was turned down by the underwriters because they did not fully understand the proposal. To make matters worse an unnecessary financial footprint has been left. This footprint might lead to a higher rate of interest or a turndown at a different company in the future.’

This is truly a crying shame!

Don’t do this:

About once a month a company director secures an offer of finance and then thinks to his or herself ‘I can do better than this, I can secure a better interest rate.’

He or she then makes multiple applications to other finance companies, thinking this will get them the best rate. But unfortunately, quite the opposite happens. Finance companies do speak to each other, and they can also see where you are applying. They do not like having their time wasted, and they also start to wonder if your application is going to become a problem later.

The result is that the initial offer is reduced in value and even withdrawn if the time limit of the offer has been exceeded.


But as I said, about once a month we have a company director who ends up paying a heavily loaded interest rate (far more than the original offer) or they get turned down flat with nowhere left to go.


In the worst cases, they now are running out of cash and their last 3-4 months bank statements are not looking as good. The only way we can arrange finance at that point is if they agree to put in additional security, such as their home. This is a huge personal risk. Are you willing to take it?


About once a quarter we see a previously successful company go into liquidation because they have run out of money as the result of seeking a deal that was simply not possible.


A New Loan Facility, use it when you want to (3 to 12 months term)

This is different from what’s currently available in the market. This is how they operate:

  • When a customer creates an account, the business is credit assessed by their platform

  • The user will then be provided with a total credit capacity. This is the amount available for borrowing.

  • The total credit capacity can be accessed in full or through multiple draw downs

  • The drawdowns are structured as an unsecured short-term loan with the following characteristics:

    • Repayments: Daily collections of interest and principal via direct debit, taking a small collection each day the loan is constantly going down without any high monthly payments.

    • Where this is particularly helpful is for HMRC payments or a trade debtor that takes 90 days to pay or seasonal periods of the year, in fact any cash flow need.

  • Minimum business trading history: 6 months

  • Loan term: 3, 6,9 or 12 months

  • Loan amount: from £10,000 to £150,000

  • Interest charge: 1.33% to 2.08% monthly flat interest rate

New and Easy Business Loans secured on your book debt- No Personal Guarantee


No commitment or monthly fees. Choose an invoice or multiple invoices and receive the money the same day. Collect the invoices yourself, and no personal guarantee is necessary.

How does it work, and how much does it cost?

  • Simply choose a single or multiple invoice to finance and then collect them as normal. There are no annual fees or permanent fixed monthly fees, you just use the finance company as often or as infrequently as you wish. Once or a hundred times, it’s up to you.

  • Funds are normally through within 48 hours on the first drawdown, and then on the same day afterwards. The fees are clear and transparent, depending on size and frequency of the transactions.

  • The charges reduce depending on the frequency of use and turnover, and can go significantly lower. Your company should have a turnover exceeding £100k, have been trading for at least 6 months and have a UK Director. The minimum advance starts at about £10k, with the largest advance to date being £1.5million!

What types of business are suitable?​


Virtually every type of business:

  • Business to business

  • Construction, building and contract work

  • Uncertified Applications for Payment can be paid (providing you have dealt with the client before)

  • Exporters

  • Seasonal and project-based businesses


Factoring & Invoice Finance

This is probably the most important type of finance, and this is where a good broker is essential.


Most Company Directors think all invoice finance companies are the same!


They are also influenced by the headline interest rates, and the name of the finance house.


This is a truly costly mistake. Do you wear the cheapest clothing from the shop? The cheapest food at the supermarket? The answer is no, and you shouldn’t do this for your business. Your business provides your income and your future – choosing the right company is vital.

Three questions you should ask yourself:​​

1) Am I speaking to a salesperson or a decision maker?

2) Does the company really understand my type of business?

3) Is my company turnover a good fit within the finance house?


Do you need help sorting out all this information and advice? No problem at all. Call or email Mark today and let’s get started finding you the best business finance for your firm.


Why not call me, for a friendly and confidential chat about the options open to you.


Very best wishes,


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We work with small medium and national companies all credit ratings catered for. To discuss any Finance or Business issue please call 0800612 5364, we never charge upfront fees.

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