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All credit ratings catered for...

The myth is construction finance is tough to get, well the good news is that construction finance is our specialist area.


We make construction finance easy, we know and understand JCT Contracts, Retentions, Variations,Gross Status and the issues of Auto Enrollment.

In the 62 Construction related industries, it is more important than any other business sector to go to someone who knows Construction when seeking finance.


I promise you all finance companies are not the same, we consistently get deals through that would have been turned down if applied direct.


We know who has available funding and what there lending criteria is, we have access to decision makers and can explain any relevant issues at the beginning, rather than them discover it at the time of sign off and turn it down.

We deal with the finance decision makers every day and it makes a huge difference, many specialist finance companies do not advertise and get there business from recommendations and referrals from brokers and professionals, this saves them time and money as they do not see unsuitable cases, and allows each case to be processed by a high quality individual.

Short term loans

On the following basis:


No history of liquidated companies in the last 12 month.

10-25% of annual turnover as a loan

Some adverse credit acceptable

No restriction on funding

Fast turnaround – same day funding in some cases.


Crowd funding

This is normally over a 6 month to a 5 year term for loans up to £1m. One of the main companies offering this told us that there average acceptance rate from someone applying direct was 50% but our clients were getting an acceptance rate of a fraction under 90%.


Why you should definitely use a Construction Finance Broker if you are looking for Invoice Funding all credit ratings catered for


At the last count we found there were over 90 companies offering some type of finance on your book debts, how many would I recommend in your sector about 5 and there is a great deal of difference between some of these.

Go to a finance company that does not truly understand the Construction Industry and specifically your particular type of business and you will be asking for severe issues to come and many stressful days. Things rarely go as planned in your business, late payments, disputes the constant game of agreeing applications of payment and final accounts.

Then many will remember when facilities were suddenly pulled or massively reduced when Construction was not the “flavour of the month”, all these thing will happen again, it is the way of the business.

However go to a company that lives and breathes this type of business and the main thing they are looking at, is to be able to trust the word of the directors, they know they are in for good times and will be there in the bad times.

We can arrange for payment to be made on application for payment and they will not immediately claw back when payment is agreed on certification at 80 or 90% as they will be expecting this.

They can also make a payment at the beginning of a new contract, to pay for supplies and materials allowing you to buy at the best price as opposed to who will give the longest credit terms.

We also have specialists who can process and handle every part (if you wish) of your labour force that you supply.


Pay the workers-Generate the invoices-do the time sheets-provide tailored collections in your name, if required-Intermediary Reporting-Gross Status-Vat and Payroll. All for a fixed fee on gross invoices so you know exactly what your costs are and then you will know what profit you can expect, without any nasty surprises as everything is done for you.

If you wish to discuss any of this please call Mark Smillie on 0800 612 5364 or my mobile which is 07710 466166, its been the same number for over 20 years. Time wasters welcome I love talking construction finance


Single Invoice Finance

No commitment or monthly Fee,choose an invoice or multiple invoices, receive the money the same day and collect the invoices yourself and no Personal Guarantee is necessary.

How does it work and how much does it cost?

Simply choose a single or multiple invoices to Finance and then you collect them as normal.There are no annual fees or permanent fixed monthly fees, you just use the Finance Company as much or as little as you wish, once or a hundred times, it’s up to you.Funds are normally through within 48 hours on the first drawdown and same day afterwards.The fees are clear and transparent, the average being 1.5 to 3% depending on size and frequency of the transaction.
The charges reduce depending on amount of use and turnover and can go significantly lower.


Company should have a turnover exceeding £100k, been trading for at least 6 months and have a UK Director


Minimum advance starts at about £5k with largest advance to date being £1.5million.


We can provide finance for any type of asset purchase including company cars, please call for full details.


10 Day turnaround on Private or Commercial Property Loans for Business Funding

One of the finance products we are offering is finance on your property for business funding, long and short term. This is for any type of Company and Business use.


We can even arrange  for no monthly repayments, for a period, if the purpose of the loan demands it.


We offer a 10 Day turnaround

• With our unique secured commercial loan product, we can fund any business for any business purpose by placing a 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th charge on a UK residential or Commercial property.

•  Deal terms range from 3 months to 10 years. 

•  Deal sizes £25,000 up to £10 million. 

•  Bridging product up to 18 months. 

•  Ltd companies, sole traders and partnerships all considered. 

•  We are happy to fund new start companies, Adverse Credit and no proof of income.

Property development finance facilities are changing

If you are a Property Developer or in the Construction Business ( or just need a short term loan, to complete a project) we have lenders who are not charging any fees for early repayment.


Cheap London money previously only there now available through Eng,Wales and Scotland


Deposit requirements lowering to as little at 10% of total costs


Longer facility terms up to 36 months = less worries with defaults


Relaxing views on 2008 bankruptcy issues – don’t think you can’t get the best funding available – you can


100% funding is available on a JV basis up to 50-50 profit share


Better decisions being made at pre-approval stage, less chances of last minute rejections


At least 30% of funders do not actively advertise


Having done a 6 month review of all partners we can help you get in front of all the right options


Some funders will now fund planning risk, like permitted development schemes at the cheaper rates


Why not call me, for a friendly and confidential chat about the options open to you.


Very best wishes,



Office 0800 612 5364

Mobile 07710 466166

We work with small medium and national companies all credit ratings catered for.

To discuss any Finance or Business Issue please call 0800612 5364, we never charge upfront fees.

Construction Finance:

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Paul Mathison, CEO, Create Group

“It’s great to work with a broker that has construction sector specialism. Mark at Ringrose Business Finance is very knowledgeable, competent and personable. He talks a lot of sense.”

Kevin Hanbury, Managing Director, 3K’s Engineering


“Mark Smillie is very good at what he does - you can’t fault his helpfulness and inside knowledge on finance companies. We would definitely go back to him again with any business finance requirements and do recommend him to other companies.”

Paul Bradley, Director, PB Battery Technical Services Ltd 


“We highly recommend using Mark at Ringrose Business Finance. He and his specialist champion broker contacts are very good and well informed. It’s worth a call if you are looking for finance of any sort.”

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