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We Have Solutions For Your HMRC Issues And VAT Finance,

Available In 24 Hours... 

Issues with HMRC? Need VAT Finance? We have Business Finance available for HMRC & VAT Debt

Hi my name is Mark Smillie,


I have been helping Businesses raise Finance and deal with Financial issues they come across, for 30 years.


There is Finance available for Businesses that have immediate Finance requirements for a Cashflow injection due to HMRC liabilities.

In normal circumstances, we should be able to give you an answer same day, with money available very shortly afterwards and giving you clarity on costs, most clients are pleasantly surprised at the cost of a loan over say 3-12 months.


HMRC Issues

1) Before calling or writing to them. Think deeply about, what you actually want from them, I know it’s time to pay, but how much and is it realistic? You would be surprised at how many Directors just ring them and ask for some time to pay and ask them how long they can have, this is a recipe for many sleepless nights, to come.

2) Have you looked at your Cashflow coming in, to check you really can make what you are proposing, whilst having the Cashflow to trade? Breaking an agreed arrangement and not keeping up with your current liability’s, could be fatal.


3) Have you really explored what Finance could be made available to your business? With over a 100 Finance Companies, business Finance is there, it’s just a question of knowing where to look.


I can normally tell you in one phone call, what is available.

4) Have you a plan if HMRC turn down your proposal? You would not cross the Yorkshire Moors with a young family, without planning ahead for bad weather.

Why would you not take some advice before risking your family’s financial future?


So in short


Don’t ask HMRC for an unrealistic Payment Plan or have no real plan of repayment, you should have a well thought out and realistic way forward, if you are unsure, you are very welcome to call me, 0800 612 5364, out of hours 07710 466166


In many circumstances, a clear concise letter with the following should be treated with respect by HMRC.


* A brief description of what has caused the problem


* What the company has done to correct the issue


* And a repayment proposal which is realistic


A client rang for advice recently, they had a well established business but they had a big issue with HMRC. They wanted two things, some funding and advice on the HMRC liability.


The client had informed us that their Accountants were in the process of agreeing a deal with HMRC over 12 months.


In the circumstances we thought this was indeed a very good arrangement and left this in their hands. All should have been well, but then they changed their minds and went for a longer period.


This resulted in the file being immediately passed across to an entirely different division, who wished to serve a Winding up Petition. In the current climate, it was a completely wrong course of action.




Agreeing a very short term repayment, with no real plans on how to do this is equally disastrous.


Destroying your Cashflow to pay one creditor and leaving little cash to pay suppliers and staff.


The consequences for the Company Directors futures and their families can be truly awful


What you should do if you have HMRC or serious Cashflow problems take advice from a specialist, who deals with these matters on a daily basis.


* It is especially important to take specific steps, if the Company Directors have any past history with HMRC

* If you are taking advice at present ask what their next step is, if HMRC turns down their proposal?


If an immediate clear and well thought out answer is not given, run for the hills, as you are risking your Company’s and your family’s future with the wrong advisor


But you might say, we have been using them for years. There is no answer to that I am afraid, or is that the problem?


Finance, Cash Advances and a huge array of Finance Options are available and can be put in place very quickly, you should not be asked for an upfront fee for any of this, if you are, run for the hills as you are talking to the wrong people.


We can and have, on many occasions, made finance available within 24 hours, but finance is not the only answer.


Don’t think you have tried all the options and there is no way forward or conversely, feel that your issues have gone, as you have arranged a payment plan.


“I passionately believe one of the key reasons why Companies fail is because they did not know, where to go for some assistance”


Why not call me, for a friendly and confidential chat about the options open to you.


I look forward to speaking to you, 0800 612 5364 or 07710 466166


Best wishes,



Call Mark Today: 0800 6125364

Call Us Today: 0800 6125364
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