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Improve Your Cashflow With A Business Loan: It’s Quick And Easy

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

The answer is really simple, pick up the phone and tell me what you are looking for, my job is to make raising your finance requirement as easy as possible for you.

I am by no means perfect,but I know this area rather well. I have been providing business help and advice since 1990, I tend to speak only to decision makers and I have a business address book to die for.

I deal with all credit ratings including emergency finance and company re structure.

Most of you have been receiving my emails for many years, those who have not; you can check me out on Google or LinkedIn if you wish.

Business Finance is like the sea, it constantly changes, bringing joy or disaster; it is very hard to read unless you are on it 7 days a week, and experience is everything.

1) Short term loans 2-24 months are easily arranged normally within a couple of working days, virtually all credit ratings are considered. Very short term loans tend to cost about 2% a month, loans over 6-12 months are cheaper.

2) Mid term loans tend to be from 2 to 5 years, our contact base is very strong on this type of loan, rates are very competitive, typical setup time is 7 to 14 days.

With both of the above it is important to mention any adverse credit or previous company failures, this is generally no issue to us, we just need to know up front, we then will know who to go to and will try and deal with any issues right at the beginning, avoiding any issues at underwriting at the last moment.

3) Property Finance. We can assist in any type of loan on a property or development finance, in most cases a Valuation is needed and from Valuation we can have funding in place normally within 10 working days (again we know who to go to and will probably be dealing with a decision maker).

Adverse Credit history is not an issue and no proof of income is necessary.

4) Book debt finance

At the last count there were 92 Finance Companies that would lend money on your book debt, in a vast variety of different ways, here is one of the ways that you might not have heard of,it’s great for cheap short term finance.

On one Invoice or more, no annual fee or contract, dip in and out as you wish; no personal Guarantee needed, facility is set up within about 3 working days.

Or we can arrange an old fashioned overdraft on your book debts or assets, some with no personal guarantee and others with a limited guarantee.

Factoring and Confidential Invoice Discounting (collecting in your own debts) has changed immeasurably over the years.

In my opinion it is more important in this type of finance than any other type of finance that you go to someone who knows this area well; the wrong company can be a disaster, the right company will give you peace of mind and a really solid predictable cash-flow.

In these current times, it is more important than ever to have a strong cash-flow, which can help protect your business in the event of non or late payments.

I promise you these 92 companies are not all similar, if for instance you bill on Applications for Payment, it is essential you go to a Finance Company that truly understands your business sector.

We would recommend to you a company that will provide payment on your Uncertified Applications.

Likewise if you deal with a client that takes 60-90 days to pay, no problems as long as you are with the right firm. We will do our best to introduce you to a decision maker, who you can always go back to and not a sales person.

I am just mentioning a couple of points that I consistently hear week in week out.

” A factoring facility, gives me peace of mind, I can sleep at night knowing when something comes up or goes wrong as it does in our industry, I have a line of credit that I can call on, because the Bank will not be there to support me”

“I can take on better quality work, as I know how I am going to fund it”

“I would never have been forced into Liquidation, had I have had the financial support, I have now”

“I can now buy at better prices”

Please call me if you want to discuss your options.

Having a Finance Company that truly understands your business is worth its weight in gold, because it helps to protect you and your family’s future income, if the business has an issue.

If you wish to make life easier for yourself, why not pick up the phone for a chat, time wasters are welcome.

I am a lucky man, I happen to love what I do and that is find business finance quickly and easily.

Look forward to speaking to you, you are welcome to call me direct on my mobile if you wish 07710 466166.



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