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Brokers Improve The Chance Of Your Finance Request Being Accepted...

Finance Brokers help you not leave unnecessary Financial Footprints by going to unsuitable companies.

Brokers have the ability to speak to the decision makers, explaining any circumstances that might have adversely effected the application if the client had gone direct to the finance company.


Choosing the right Bank or Financial Company can have a dramatic impact on your business and a good finance broker will know which of the 100 odd Finance Companies, to lead you to.


Using a Finance Broker will avoid you wasting your valuable time by going to unsuitable companies for your specific requirements, market sector and turnover bracket. We will ensure you meet a senior, long serving decision maker that you can rely upon, as opposed to a salesperson, who will not be there if you need help.


The Right Company will become, if wanted, a real Finance Business Partner, backing and supporting your business through trust and helping beyond expectations to assist the business in controlled growth and profitability.

They will know and understand your business sector well, your company turnover will comfortably fit in with the bulk of their clients and you will have met a decision maker.

The Wrong Company can be an absolute disaster, even for the strongest of companies, when you discover the person you met was just a sales person, who now has no influence on your account and things are very different to your expectations. Then to compound the issues, you discover that termination of the agreement is very costly and difficult to implement.


Where A Good Broker Can Help


You will meet a Director or senior business decision maker who will always be available, to you, to discuss the unusual request that occurs in business. They will be empowered to make decisions.


  • The Finance Company will know and understand your business sector and will not be guided by market fluctuations.

  • Fees will be fully disclosed. Some of the supposed “Cheaper Headline Finance Houses” have less easy to see, disbursement charges and minimum fees.

  • Protecting Your Brand/Name. Your chosen Finance House should have a real believe, in enhancing your Company Name, through good practise.

  • You will avoid seeing and wasting weeks of your time seeing unsuitable companies and leaving a “Financial Footprint” behind alerting other Finance Companies, that there might be issues with your case

We also get cheaper rates for our clients than you would get applying direct. To discuss this further, please pick up the phone and call Mark  on 0800 612 5364

We Never Charge Up Front Fees

Call Mark Today on 0800 6128364

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