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Finding the Right Business Finance

Let me start by wishing you a Merry Christmas, I hope you are having a lovely festive holiday. As we approach the New Year, I thought this was a good time to cover finding the right business finance.

With over a 100 Finance Companies to choose from, it can be extremely difficult to find the right finance company. We know who to speak to and what their lending criteria is and believe me their lending profile can change from month to month.

This is a recent case. A client came to us, after being turned down by one of the big finance companies, they were very short of cash due to an expanding order book and they were paying out £6,500 a month on short term loans, we consolidated the loans into one affordable loan and now they are paying £1,500 a month, saving them £5,000 a month, yes £5,000 a month, can you imagine the difference that makes to their cashflow?

Most finance companies do not like providing funds to pay off another finance company off, however we knew who to go to how to package the deal.  We had a same day acceptance on this finance deal.

Hence if you are looking for any type of business finance either now or in the New Year, why not let us take the pressure away and go and get you a really good deal.

In the next quarter I think things will be different, you could be paying a lot more for finance. Banks and Finance companies hate uncertainty, well with Brexit or another vote and even a change in Government finance companies will wish to build up there reserves.

However we are still getting really good rates for our clients, it helps when you have built a strong relationship and supply them with regular business, I am sure it is the same in your business, clients you know well and buy regularly from you, will get a better deal, than someone coming in with a small order of the street.

If you know who to approach, Business loans are readily available, be it to pay HMRC, management buyout, fund or complete a project, asset purchase or company growth and expansion (the secret is knowing where to go). I typically get a phone call once a week, that starts with “Hey Mark, I have been receiving your emails for years now, can you ………………….”

The answer is normally yes, having built up a contact base to die for, over 20 years. Time wasters are always welcome to call me, there is nothing I like more than a challenge, I just happen to love what I do; I am a very lucky man. If your business is looking for; Any type of business finance that is what we do, including property development.

We can help you, so pick up the phone and tell me what finance would ideally suit your business. Let us be your Satnav helping you get there quickly and easily we work with all types of business including the construction sector.



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