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Business Finance: Nationwide service all credit ratings catered for

Finance brokers can double your chances of a business loan, you know your trade and we know ours, however a finance broker that specialises in your sector, can make life much easier for you.


There are over a 100 finance companies to choose from, most of them have similar marketing but they all have different lending criteria (if they all had the same lending profile we would have 10 finance companies and not 100’s).

Typically a Finance Company will look for a Business that fits their lending sweet spot based on;

  • Industry sector

  • Turnover size

  • Credit rating


How would you know which Finance Company is the right fit for you?

Go to the wrong one and you could have your time wasted for several weeks supplying more and more information and then at the last moment the underwriter, turns the case down because your Company does not fit their lending criteria.


Apart from the time, frustration and grief you will have endured, a needless Credit Search will be on your business, leading the next underwriter to worry why you were turned down elsewhere.


Would it not make more sense to speak to someone, who has the ability to speak to a decision maker direct as opposed to a salesperson or form filler?


We can assist in any type of Business Finance in your sector, but these are the main types: 

  • New Starts

  • Refurbishment and Refits and Extensions

  • Purchase of additional sites

  • Short, mid and long term Loans

  • Loans and advances on your Card Payments

  • Easy business loans £10k to £500k 3 months to 5 years.


You are very welcome to pick up the phone and call me on my mobile 07710 466166, I have been helping businesses find Finance for well over 20 years and I have a contact base to die for.

Time wasters are welcome to call me; I am a very lucky man I happen to love what I do.


Look forward to speaking to you, best wishes,



Call Us Today: 0800 6125364
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